18 in. Smoke Stack Extension for Oklahoma Joe's Highland Offset Cooker using 3 in smoke stack

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18" Steel Smoke stack extention for Oklahoma Joe's Highland (3 in smpoke stack pipe)

  • Fixes one of the biggest issues with these cookers! IMPROVES DRAFT
  • Super heavy pipe, sleeve collar, damper blade, built with qualtiy in mind! 
  • Included set screw for on screw instatllation, (no drilling required)
  • Built to last. Weighs almost 9 lbs! 

NOTE: the extra thick pipe improcecs draft over the common exhaust pipe mod.  This is because the thicker pipe retains heat better than thin wall exhuast pipe.  So the quality of this product improves its function over normal pipe. 

MADE IN USA. Expert product support. 

This smoke stack extention can be used for any offset cooker using a 3" OD smoke stack exhaust pipe

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