KettleDial™ Heat Diffuser Plate for Weber Kettle

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Trying to Smoke Meat on your 22" or 26" Weber Kettle?  While it can be done, the direct heat from the coals on the Kettle can cause burnt food and dry or overcooked smoked meat.  The KettleDial™ by FireDial™ is the answer!   It mixes air and then distributes around the dome for a convection type effect, eliminating direct heat on your meat.


  • Run Low and slow or hot and fast without direct heat on your food
  • Transforms your Kettle into a WSM smoker and allows for indirect smoking of meats
  • Turns your Weber Kettle into an air fry cooker
  • Eliminates the center hot spots, a common problem on a Weber Kettle.
  • One of the best Mods we have seen for Kettle. 

Cook Brisket, Pork Shoulder/Butt, Meatloaf, Brisket Juicy burners, bake bread and more! 

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