LavaLock® 30 Gallon Drum Cooking Grate, 17.5 in. for 18 inch UDS or 18.5 WSM

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Our highest quality cooking grate for 30 gallon UDS.  17.5" diameter fits all 18 to 18.5" (30 gallon) Ugly Drum Smokers. Also works with WSM 18.5" 

Slotted, laser cut design. MADE IN USA. ACCEPT NO OTHER.

How to season your new grill grate:
♨️Wash with soap and water, dry well
♨️Coat fully with cooking oil
♨️Heat grate in cooker at 350F for 2-3 hours
♨️Careful to avoid burns, add a light coat of cooking oil 1/2 way through cook
♨️Oil regularly, if needed. Often cooking on the grill will keep it seasoned.
♨️Should grill ever rust, remove rust with sandpaper and re-season.
♨️If properly maintained, this grill grate will last for generations.