SmokerBuilder MFG DoublePan Gravity Feed Smoker - Black (6-8 wk lead to ship)

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Gravity Feed Smoker - SmokerBuilder Manufacturing DoublePan™ Gravity Feed Smoker - Cook For Average Of 20 Hours Without Needing To Add Charcoal To Your Fire - 5 Slide Out Cooking Racks, Giving You Space For Up To 10 Full Size Buffet Pans- A Large Capacity Hopper For Charcoal
UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE! A large capacity hopper for charcoal delivers the key to cook for average of 20 hours without needing to add charcoal to your fire ... it's never been easier!
BRILLIANT! Removeable charcoal grate makes it easy to dump the charcoal out of the chute when the fire is out in one easy step!
EXTREMELY EASY TO USE! Fully insulated cabinet and chute area makes it easy to cook in all seasons and environments - Effortlessly!
HIGH-PERFORMANCE! 5 slide out cooking racks gives you space for up to 10 full size buffet pans - Exactly what a BBQ Pro needs! 6-8 wk lead to ship